Downtown treasure Matthew Trumbull
— Helen Shaw, Time Out New York

"Matthew Trumbull is a key player in the Indie Theatre's been nice to watch his rise to ubiquity and general awesomeness'--Mitch Montgomery, Surreal Time Press

Matthew Trumbull is a star...The seasoned actor and writer holds the stage with glowing Midwestern charm, and has a comedic gift for 'awkward moments.' Trumbull's star quality rests in his halting, sometimes excessively polite manner which often masks a fiery furnace underneath.--Aurin Squire, New York Theatre Review

Father Jerome in WE ARE A MASTERPIECE by Gina Femia, Retro Productions

Directed by DeLisa White

Photos by Connolly Photo NY



Sir Theo the Punctual / Guard 1 in MARIAN, OR THE TRUE TALE OF ROBIN HOOD by Adam Szymkowicz, Flux Theatre Ensemble

Directed by Kelly O'Donnell

Photos by Isaiah Tanenbaum

"Matthew Trumbull does a great idiot-guard routine"--Helen Shaw, Time Out New York

 "The smarmy Sir Theo the Punctual and the dense Sir Lenny the Observant (Matthew Trumbull and Aaron Parker Fouhey respectively, both hilarious)--Jon Sobel,

Ian in OFF TRACK by James Comtois, 2016 FringeNYC

Directed by Tim Errickson

 ''Apologetic and hilariously self-aware...Trumbull delivers a nuanced performance full of humor and charm''--Di Zhu, Time Out New York


I AM AN ACTOR photo series by Franck Bohbot

Brooklyn-based photographer Franck Bohbot included Matthew in his photo series 'I Am An Actor', which has been featured in newspapers, magazines and blogs worldwide since 2015, most recently in Creative Boom. Matthew was photographed in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where he works in Development.  

From Bohbot's website: In New York, maybe more than anywhere else, the vast majority of actress and actors have to deal with their acting careers and their daily jobs to support themselves. The project is about photographing them in their daily work, with an intimate portrait and interviewing them in order to better understand the unique relationships they experience between their passion and the reality.They work as waiters, dog-walkers, delivery men, preschool teachers, production assistants, lawyers or even private eyes etc. and often learn something essential from these survival jobs for their own acting. Freezing each actor within a moment of his or her daily life in those portraits, exploring the concept that they are all playing a role on stage and outside the stage, because ultimately, they all have to be somebody.
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Mac in THE BUTTER AND EGG MAN by George S. Kaufman, Retro Productions

2015 New York Innovative Theatre Award nominee, Outstanding Revival of a Play

Directed by Ricardo Rust

Photos by Kyle Connolly

"Terrific Standout...Truly reptilian"--Alan Miller, A Seat on the Aisle

"Quietly intense"--Joel Benjamin,

"Chameleonly"--Ed Malin, NY Theatre Now

Heinrich in THE TEMPLE, OR LEBENSRAUM by Nat Cassidy, Tin Drum Productions and Mozzlestead Productions

2015 New York Innovative Theatre Award, Outstanding Performance in a Lead Role

Directed by Nat Cassidy

"Particular praise going to Matthew Trumbull for his work as Heinrich.  Watching the character go from a bumbling PR man to a psychotic killer is amazing"--Byrne Harrison,

"The resident Nazi officer Heinrich, (Matthew Trumbull), one of the most chilling displays of inhumanity that I've ever seen onstage"--Michael Niederman, New York Theatre Review

"As Heinrich, Matthew Trumbull gives a performance of titanic existential dissonance, at once bemused and recriminating, as he channels but does not explain the ghastly absurdity around him."--Adam McGovern, Fanchild

"Matthew Trumbull was so deceptively evil that it was fascinating to watch his performance."--Hi Drama

"Matthew Trumbull stands out...He begins the show as the sweetest little Nazi in the whole Reich, but quickly becomes a menacing villain"--Charles Battersby, Theater for Nerds

Photos by Michael Markham

Photos by Nat Cassidy

Vanek in THE VELVET ORATORIO by Edward Einhorn and Henry Akona, Untitled Theater Company #61

Directed by Henry Akona

Photos by Arthur Cornelius

" as mild-mannered as they come: the Clark Kent of dissidents...Matthew Trumbull is absolutely in keeping with that tradition"--Laura Collins-Hughes, The New York Times

"Then there are the Vaněk scenes, played with confusion and firecracker dead pan timing by Matthew Trumbull. Trumbull is fantastic here...a take charge performance"--Mateo Moreno, The Artswire Weekly

"Powerful and appealing performance"--Ward Morehouse III, Broadway After Dark

Joshua in BLOOD BROTHERS PRESENT...BEDLAM NIGHTMARES: PART ONE: STRAPPED IN, 'Into the Life of Things,' by Nat Cassidy, Blood Brothers Productions

Directed by Patrick Shearer

Photos by Kent Meister

"Matthew Trumbull...paces out of his yoga-pretzels with a positively Chaplinesque totter, his expression set in a world-exhausted facial drawl worthy of Keaton"--Adam McGovern, Fanchild

Charlie in WHY WE LEFT BROOKLYN, by Matthew Freeman, Theater Accident

Directed by Kyle Ancowitz

Photos by Kyle Ancowitz

"Most amusing...Charlie (the superb Matthew Trumbull)"--Helen Shaw, Time Out New York

"None are on a par with Matthew Trumbull's wonderfully eccentric Charlie"--Elyse Sommer, Curtain Up

"Outstanding...particularly noteworthy"--Eleanor Foa

"Played in a delightfully quirky and endearing way"- Lauren Wolman, Off Off Online

"Matthew Trumbull's Charlie is a persuasive portrait of the kind of guy who has played the fool for so long he now does it by rote."--David Barbour, Lighting and Sound America

"Standout performances include Matthew Trumbull as the couple's awkward and self-loathing friend Charlie"--Molly Marinik, Theatre is Easy

"Matthew Trumbull offers an interesting dichotomy in Charlie by pairing awkward physicality with a sharp, watchful mind."--Alix Cohen, Theater Pizzazz

Bri in A DAY IN THE DEATH OF JOE EGG by Peter Nichols, Retro Productions

Directed by Peter Zinn

"Clearly...much in the way of acting chops"--Ed Malin, NY Theatre Now

"Out of this world.  Matthew Trumbull as Bri was a leader for the show."--Gina Femia, New York Theatre Review

"Just dazzling as Bri"--Trav S.D., Travalanche

Photos by Kyle Connolly

Photo by Kristen Vaughan

Matthew in THE ZEBRA SHIRT OF LONELY CHILDREN by Matthew Trumbull, Theater Accident, 2012 FringeNYC and FringeNYC Encores, 2013 Minnesota Fringe Festival

2012 FringeNYC Award, Outstanding Solo Performance

2013 Audience Pick, Minnesota Fringe Festival

Directed by Matthew Freeman

Photo by Kyle Ancowitz

"In his debut as a playwright and solo performer, Matthew Trumbull...achieves a masterful balance between the tragedy of loss and the touching moments of humor it can create."--Vanessa Thill, TIme Out NY

"Here is one of those shows you love to find...Trumbull recalls his father as a romantic who had not a bit of sentimentality, and that is what distinguishes this one-man show from others that traffic in the same sad details. He finds dimension in stories, in relationships, moments and totems. This is a must-see. To say more would be meaningless."--Graydon Royce, Twin Cities Star Tribune

"Trumbull is a seasoned performer who keeps his outward emotions cool enough to let the power of his stories ring true. All of it combines to give the show a tremendous, powerful wallop."--Ed Hyuck, CityPages

 "Natural and articulate...Trumbull’s deadpan humor always comes at just the right moment...A beautiful eulogy and an honest reflection on life, death, and dying...Better to savor this one."--Sophie Kerman, Aisle Say Twin Cities

"What makes the tale so poignant is the amount of detail, peppered with unexpected moments of humor, woven into it. Anyone who has lost a loved one is sure to be moved by the performance...emotionally resonant."--Dan Bacalzo, Theatermania

"Trumbull’s deeply thoughtful...precise and polished performance of his profound script"--David Roberts, Theater Reviews Limited

Daniel Nemerov in DEINDE by August Schulenburg, Flux Theatre Ensemble

Directed by Heather Cohn

"Hilarious delivery"--Natalie Zutter,

"Matthew Trumbull, very engaging as the computer designer...lending charm and humor to scenes"--Jen Gunnels, The New York Review of Science Fiction

"The delightful Matthew Trumbull"--Wendy Caster, Show Showdown

Photo by Justin Hoch

Photo by Isaiah Tanenbaum

Descartes in ACTION PHILOSOPHERS! by Fred Van Lente and Crystal Skillman, Impetuous Theater Group

Directed by John Hurley

Photos by Crystal Skillman

Matthew Trumbull’s Descartes is the French guy in the castle from Holy Grail, complete with outrageous French accent and wardrobe malfunctions (mustache, wig). Lots of improv going on in controlled mayhem.--Alexandra Honigsberg, ComicMix

Professor Franklin in INFECTIOUS OPPORTUNITY by James Comtois, Nosedive Productions

Directed by Pete Boisvert

Photo by Aaron Epstein

"Matthew Trumbull is perfect as the awkward and ready to please Professor Franklin"--Carissa Cordes, New York Theater Review

"Matthew Trumbull gives yet another great performance as the Professor"--Mateo Moreno, The Artswire Weekly

Albert Kummer in DEAR RUTH by Norman Krasna, Retro Productions

Directed by Richard Roland

Photos by Kristen Vaughan

"Trumbull...earns laughs on his entrance without saying a word."--Marc Miller, Backstage

"Stealing nearly every scene he’s Matthew Trumbull’s Albert...Trumbull gives him quite a soul."--Mateo Moreno, The Artswire Weekly

Jarvis in VIRAL by Mac Rogers, Gideon Productions

Directed by Jordana Williams

"Matthew Trumbull (Jarvis) is a skilled comedic actor, somehow seamlessly weaving bizarre physicality into this naturalistic piece to great effect"--Nathaniel Kressen,

"Trumbull gives depth to a character who in a lesser actor's hands could have been nothing more than comic relief."--Byrne Harrison,

Stan in GLEE CLUB by Matthew Freeman, Blue Coyote Theater Group

Directed by Kyle Ancowitz

Photo by Kyle Ancowitz

"The standard for the cast's chemistry"--Amanda Halkiotis, New Theater Corps

Caldwell in WHEN IS A CLOCK? by Matthew Freeman, Blue Coyote Theater Group

Directed by Kyle Ancowitz

Photo by Kyle Ancowitz

"He’s a fantastic actor who I first saw in a play called When is a Clock? by Matthew Freeman. He played the relatively minor role of the main character’s boss, but I distinctly remember being floored him. You basically can “hear” Trumbull’s characters’ thought processes come through in dialogue. It’s sort of an astounding thing, something that allows him to play seemingly dozens of different beats in a within a single sentence."--Mitch Montgomery, Surreal Time Press

Metamora in METAMORA, Metropolitan Playhouse

Directed by Alex Roe

Photo by Mary Blanco

"Nothing short of triumphant as Metamora"--Martin Denton,