Matthew playing "Dave", 2016


Recorded at Shut Up and Talk


Presented by Infinite Guest and American Public Media

Matthew was a guest on this popular podcast featuring personal stories about music.  It was recorded live at QED in Astoria, NY in 2015.

"Actor, playwright, and performer Matthew Trumbull has a more direct connection to his song of choice than most of the guests on The Soundtrack Series: He might actually know one of the guys in it. That would be Jimmy Hutmaker, a batty denizen of Excelsior, Minnesota who’s supposedly name-dropped in the second verse of The Rolling Stones’ “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” I won’t spoil Trumbull’s sweet yet sad yarns about the colorful local, but I will say the whole thing is better if you decide Hutmaker is the real deal (even though he’s probably not), allowing the episode to become a Coen brothers-esque narrative about childhood trauma and small-town desperation."--Dan Caffrey, A.V. Club 


New York Times video with tech guru David Pogue, "HP TouchPad"

Indiegogo appeal video to send Matthew's solo play 'The Zebra Shirt of Lonely Children' to the 2013 Minnesota Fringe Festival.  Directed and edited by Matthew Freeman.  Filmed by Kyle Ancowitz.